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RFID in Healthcare and Life Sciences

ChainLink Research invites you to continue with “RFID in Healthcare and Life Sciences”, the industry’s best educational session on RFID in the End-to-End Healthcare Chain. In this 90 minute class at your own desktop, you will learn:

  • Basics of RFID, including basic principles and overview of physics of RFID, the whole “stack” (tags, readers, middleware, apps.)
  • Use of RFID in Product Discovery and Approval – gathering data and monitoring processes
  • Use of RFID in the Pharmaceutical Supply Chain – areas of opportunity where the use of RFID in manufacturing, storage and distribution processes can provide data to assist with anti-counterfeiting, diversion control, Cold Chain, materials/WIP tracking and visibility, packaging and labeling
  • Use of RFID in Clinical Settings – introduction to the use of auto-identification technologies for Admissions, Procedure control, patient monitoring, asset tracking, Pharmaceutical management, Tracking of Pathology Samples, patient discharge and home health care.


Bill McBeath
Chief Research Officer
ChainLink Research

Carla Reed
Vice President
ChainLink Research

RFID for DoD Suppliers

To register for any or all of the RFID for DoD Suppliers eLeaning workshops, download the fax registration form by clicking on the link below.

Active RFID

Active RFID has many uses and proven value in specific applications. Whether Asset tracking, access control, security, etc., Active RFID has been successfully deployed in many businesses from Auto, to Maritime, to Hospitals to Mines. But, not all Active solutions are the same. There are significant engineering, frequency and hardware differences designed to solve different types of problems. This 90 minute course will provide an introduction to the Active solution.

The Science of RFID

How does this wily technology work? What are the scientific principles behind RFID?This 90 minute course will give you the essentials for understanding how to master key aspects of RFID.

RFID for DoD Suppliers: Module 3B

Session B: Implementation Considerations (segment 6)

Each product has unique characteristics and follows a unique path to its destination. How do I start the process? How do I run a pilot and make RFID work in my environment and across the supply chain?

RFID for DoD Suppliers: Module 3A

Module Three – Getting Started

Session A: Understanding the DoD Supply Chain (segment 5)

Have you ever wondered how the DoD manages to move all the necessary supplies to the warfighters in a “just in time” fashion, and provide the logistics experts in DoD the necessary visibility into the assets as they move throughout the supply chain? Learn how this movement of data that accompanies the movement of supplies can be of value to your operation as a DoD Supplier. Learn where the link is between RFID and UID.

RFID for DoD Suppliers : Technology Basics

Module Two – Understanding RFID Solutions

Session A: RFID Technology Basics
(segment 3)

  • What this session is about: RFID is a misunderstood technology. And objective sources are few. Especially in the Military applications, it is important to understand the whole solutions capabilities. Many organizations only focus on their area instead of understanding how to apply the proper solution. Here we will provide a solid basic training.
  • What you will learn: History of RFID
    • Electromagnetic Spectrum – The Frequencies
    • Terminology
    • RFID Hardware
    • RFID Software
    • The Whole Solution Stack

  • Speaker: Ann Grackin

RFID for DoD Suppliers: Science Behind RFID

Module Two – Understanding RFID Solutions

Session B: The Science Behind RFID (segment 4)

  • What this session is about: You don’t have to be an electrical engineer to understand RFID. Understanding a bit of the science will significantly help with having a successful project — selecting the right technology, and implementing with fewer errors. Here we will cover how RF actually works in real life and what strategies you need to employ in order to conquer the waves.
  • What you will learn: Understanding Waves and Behavior of RFID
    • Antennae
    • Device Management Issues
    • RFID vs. GPS vs. Wireless – When to use which

  • Speaker: Bill McBeath

RFID for DoD Suppliers

Understanding DoD RFID Policy and Data Requirements

  • What this session is about: This session is targeted to DoD Suppliers who are interested in learning more about the DoD RFID Policy and what it means to your company. Since the release of the DoD RFID policy in July 2004, many companies have struggled with understanding the details of the requirement and when they will be required to apply RFID to DoD shipments. Learn first hand from the experts in this field what DoD RFID really means.
  • What you will learn: Learn how the DoD RFID policy will impact your operations.
  • Speakers:
    • Mary Ann Wagner
    • Ann Grackin
    • Bill McBeath
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