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Spend Analytics: Part 2 – Applications of Spend Analysis

The most common application of spend analysis is to identify potential cost savings. However, spend analytic systems can be and are used for much more than that. We explore here some of the common and novel ways that enterprises are using spend analytics.

SupplyChainBrain VIDEO of Ann Grackin

Ann Grackin, chief executive officer of ChainLink Research, traces the evolution of ethical behavior throughout the supply chain. But is the trend motivated by a desire for profitability, the law, or just good intentions? [Run Time (Min:) 11:09]

Track and Trace

You’ve heard it over and over. We need visibility. We need Track and Trace. The words have become so common, yet few writings actually have done justice to this deep underlying need of business. And rarely do we have a definition, a quantification, of what it will yield in terms of benefits, although we all know that it intuitively sounds right. Lack of definition and quantification leads to lack of investment and implementation. There is much to learn. We just hope to add to the dialogue.

So, let’s take a look at visibility.

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