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IoT Platforms – Part Two: Local Intelligence Platforms

Internet of Things hardware and software platforms provide local intelligence sitting between the intelligent things and the internet/cloud applications. In some cases, the bulk of the end-to-end solution’s intelligence and intellectual property resides in these local platforms.

Ecosystem Maturity on Display at RFID Live

At the RFID Journal Live show, you can see everyone in the industry from chip makers through the top of the application stack. It was evident that the integration of those end-to-end components has come a long way.

IoT Distributed Intelligence Examples

To help visualize the distributed architecture of the Internet of Things (IoT), we explore specific concrete examples of what distributed intelligence looks like in the smart factory, smart building, precision agriculture, and smart mine.

Distributed Intelligence in the IoT

The Internet of Things has intelligence distributed throughout many integrated layers. Algorithms and analytics are needed to make sense of the raw data. Often this intelligence needs to reside on the edge of the network close to the source of the data–near the ‘things’ comprising the IoT.

Many Lights Turning Green for Investors in RFID

This article explores how RFID has matured in the last several years, and examines the fundamentals that make it a potentially high-growth opportunity. Most investors would be surprised at the changes since the Walmart era, and those who know the status may find profit opportunities.


The RFID Journal Live! Conference demonstrated the health and maturity of the RFID market and its relevancy to so many sectors.

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