RFID Solutions

for Department of Defense Suppliers


The Department of Defense recently embarked upon a vision for accelerating transformation of its logistics capabilities over the next five to ten years. The primary objective is ensuring consistent, reliable support that meets Warfighter requirements of end-to-end customer service.


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There are new programs created to meet the requirements of the Quadrennial Defense Review (QDR) and the National Defense

Joint Vision 2020 (JV 2020), issued by the Joint Chiefs of Staff, described a future military capability based upon speed, precision,
lethality, and information dominance. JV 2020 identifies Focused Logistics as a critical requirement to project and sustain forces.

This requires a significant transformation of processes and systems—in fact, a new way of working at and with the DoD. The Warfighter weapons strategy leverages greater reliance on intelligent technology: smaller, smarter—and faster. Smart technologies will link the whole supply chain—from weapons system design and procurement to the Warfighter in battle—from factory to foxhole, or supplier to spear tip.

The DoD has a forward-looking policy for the entire military supply base to participate in this evolution through the implementation and institutionalization of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology. The military already has significant successful experiences with RF used in several theaters over the last decade. Now they wish to leverage their successes by expanding these programs into their supply base, integrating the whole end-to-end business processes.

This white paper is organized in four sections:

  • DoD Initiatives that will Leverage RFID—The military’s logistics initiatives and why they are doing them.
  • Hierarchy of an RFID Business Solution—Description of the whole RFID solution, not just the tags.
  • Creating an RFID Roadmap—How to create a roadmap for your RFID solution that takes you beyond compliance to an end-to-end solution that adds value for your enterprise.
  • Conclusion—Final summary and considerations.

This report requires a Basic Subscription (available at no cost).
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