Agile Demand-Supply Alignment (3-Part Series)

Responding to Demand Volatility and Supply Disruptions After Plans Are Set and Orders Placed


Findings from our research on Agile Demand-Supply Alignment (ADSA), the capability to effectively realign supply and demand, during execution, in the face of demand volatility and supply disruptions.


Regardless of how good companies get at planning, ‘stuff happens’ and companies then need to be able to rapidly adjust to the evolving actual situation on the ground. This three-part report series describes the findings from our research on Agile Demand-Supply Alignment (ADSA) practices, processes, and solutions. Click on the links or images below to view a detailed description and table of contents for each part and to download a complementary copy.

Part One: Elements and Examples of ADSA

Describes the phases of supply chain planning and execution and lays out a framework for understanding the elements of ADSA. [Go To Part 1]

Part Two: Evaluating ASDA Solutions

Looks at how to evaluate ADSA solutions, what questions to ask solution providers, and how to shortlist providers. [Go To Part 2]

Part Three: Solution Assessments

Provides in depth evaluations of eight different ADSA solutions. [Go To Part 3]

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