Agile Demand-Supply Alignment – Part Three: ADSA Solution Assessments

Evaluating Potential Solutions


We discuss an approach to evaluating potential Agile Demand-Supply Alignment solutions, including discovering, shortlisting, and selection processes.


Here in Part Three, we assess nine different providers of ADSA solutions. This is not a complete market survey of relevant offerings, but rather a sampling of some important established and upcoming players.

The assessment of each solution provider in the report is organized into five sections as follows:

  1. Target Customer Characteristics/Factors Driving Adoption — Characteristics of typical target customers and what is driving their adoption of the solution. This includes a description of which industries and which size companies this solution focuses on, with a list of some example customers.
  2. User Roles Supported – list of the primary user functional roles that the solution supports (e.g., procurement, logistics, etc.).
  3. Functionality Supported — Key functionality provided by the platform.
  4. Pricing, ROI, Time-to-Value — The structure and basis for pricing, how ROI is achieved, services offered, and what is the typical implementation time and time-to-value.
  5. Who This Solution is a Good Fit For – short summary of what types of companies this solution would be most appropriate for.

This report contains assssments of the following solution providers:

  • Alloy: Plant-to-Store Inventory/Demand Visibility and Corrective Actions
  • Anvyl: Production Management Platform with Pre-certified Network of Strategic Suppliers
  • E2open: Integrator of Supply Chain Applications on an End-to-end Networked Platform
  • Elementum: Best of Breed Case/Incident Management and Issue Resolution
  • IBM Sterling: Inventory Control Tower Built on a Broad Suite of Supply Chain Software
  • Infor Nexus: Mature End-to-end Global Trade, Logistics, and Finance Platform
  • Mercado: Import Management-Focused Supply Chain Application Network
  • One Network: Multi-Enterprise Platform with Substantial Supply Chain Applications
  • Zencargo: Digital Freight Forwarder Providing Control Tower Capabilities

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