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Spectrum of IoT Platforms Building IoT-enabled Products

IoT development platforms and applications span the spectrum from toolkits to domain-specific environments to fully turnkey applications. Here we look at that spectrum and drill down on one example to illustrate: ThingWorx Converge, aimed at manufacturers building IoT-enabled products.

The Rise of the Agile Networked Platform

New networked technology platforms are co-evolving with new networked business models, together enabling companies to rapidly find, assess, and integrate with trading partners in order to swiftly create and deliver unique and valuable products and services.

JDA Gets in Focus

Updates and Insights from JDA’s FOCUS 2015 Conference.

IoT Distributed Intelligence Examples

To help visualize the distributed architecture of the Internet of Things (IoT), we explore specific concrete examples of what distributed intelligence looks like in the smart factory, smart building, precision agriculture, and smart mine.

Social Data Mining: Beyond Sentiment

Quite a few companies are focused on mining public social media data for consumer sentiment indicators. However, there are many other insights and information of value that can be gleaned from Tweets, blogs, and Facebook pages. We are just beginning to understand how various companies can exploit these data–whether for risk management, financial investments, or other uses.

Reversal of the Offshoring Tide

The past two decades have witnessed a massive shift of manufacturing from the U.S. to China. Now there are signs of a reversal. What are the implications for those responsible for managing these supply chains?

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