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Highlights From MIT’s Auto-ID & Sensing Expo

This year’s Fifth Annual Auto-ID & Sensing Solutions Expo at MIT provided one more confirmation that RFID is thriving, with a more diverse set of devices, systems, and applications than ever. Here’s a sampling of some really interesting up and comers at the event.

Pharmaceutical Safety ePedigree Pilot Launched by SecureTrace Consortium

A consortium of ten U.K.-based companies, led by Authentix (an authentication and brand protection firm), aims to provide secure serialization and track and trace capability for the pharmaceutical industry. Their solution uses a combination of 2D barcodes, RFID, authentication, serialization, ePedigree, and wireless/mobile technologies to track and validate drugs as they move from the manufacturing plant, through the warehouse/distribution channel, and to the retail drug store or other point of dispensing. This should be helpful in anti-counterfeiting, reducing diversion, and improving drug safety. We’ve seen this movie before (at least a similar one) with California Express, but there are differences too.

SupplyChainBrain VIDEO of Ann Grackin

Ann Grackin, chief executive officer of ChainLink Research, traces the evolution of ethical behavior throughout the supply chain. But is the trend motivated by a desire for profitability, the law, or just good intentions? [Run Time (Min:) 11:09]

Inhibitors and Catalysts to Transformation and Technology Adoption

ChainLink conducted extensive research on global business perspectives, examining major industry supply chain ecosystems and identifying pain points, catalysts, and inhibitors for policy, process, and technology changes. The article highlights the importance of ecosystem analysis and explores various factors affecting technology adoption and market entry for end-users and tech companies. The research also emphasizes the significance of economic models and differentiation to create sustainable market plans.

The Future : SmallSmartFast, Scary and Fun!

When we contemplate the future, it’s exciting, but we think of the Sting song, every step you take…I’ll be watching you. Read The Future is SmartSmartFast Fun and Scary

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