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Vol. 1, No. 2 - June 03


June’s Policy Process Performance Enablers See New BRIEF’S Column: Event Season offers Lots of Content, Little Hype …

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June’s Policy Process Performance Enablers

See New BRIEF’S Column:
Event Season offers Lots of Content,
Little Hype
Influences in the Automotive
Supply Chain
By Carol Prahinski and W.C. Benton of Ohio State University

This in-depth research asserts: automotive firms only have influence over their supplier’s performance if they increase their efforts of cooperation and commitment in the links in their supplier relationship.
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Network Master and Three Dimension of Supply Network Coordination:
An Introductory EssayBy James B. Rice, Jr. and Richard M. Hoppe

This paper discusses the three critical coordinated value links-Logistics, Financialand Information in a network of strategically linked enterprises.
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an apparent change in the direction of an object caused by a change in observational positioning that creates a new line of site
From the Greek: to change
Para: to see.

While watching one of my favorite shows last week, Wall Street Week, I was shocked to see the so-called pundits draw back in negativity at the recent excitement starting to dawn at the NYSE. The theme was about how the average American and that must also be the average American fund manager, as well, can’t pick stocks. The theme went: you might be better off using darts for stock picking than your discernment! They said you couldn’t tell ten years ago what would be a good stock today!

I think Wall Street Week should start inviting Supply Chain Professionals to their show! One smart statement by a Schwab executive was that ‘good companies’, i.e. brands, don’t always make good stocks. Well, we knew that! What accomplished Supply Chain manager didn’t know, even ten years ago, that Wal-Mart would make a better investment than Kmart? We knew that brand and sales were part of the picture, but things like inventory turns and the continuous improvement strategies counted just as much. Like etoys vs. Amazon. Amazon embraced supply chain. I had the opportunity, several years ago, to sit through a thorough presentation by Amazon’s supply chain folks. I knew, at the right time, Amazon would be a great company to invest in.

In a recent meeting with one of my clients, she told me that a fairly famous pundit was all gloom and doom. His theme was about the down economy, and the bleak tech market. My response? You are looking at the old world, baby! Stop looking in dusty corners and get outside for some fresh air! Bob Dylan’s immortal words, “the times they are a changing”, have never been more current.

This is not an investment magazine. My point is that seeking and learning never end. And smart professionals seek out ideas about innovation and strategies to gain performance that works. They read, they go to conferences, they invest—at least their time—in pursuit of knowledge. They seek solutions.

So in pursuit of those goals, we continue to add to Parallax View. This month we will begin providing papers on Supply Chain by global professionals, as well as introduce you to organizations and resources where the content is high, the hype is low.

And speaking of learning, please join me in NYC on July 24th for Grackin Live and Unplugged, if you want to talk about successful Supply Chain Management strategies.

And keep learning!

Ann Grackin

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