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July’s Policy Process Performance Enablers BRIEFS for July more Real Options Managing Risk in the Supply Chain …

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July’s Policy Process Performance Enablers

BRIEFS for July
Real Options
Managing Risk in the Supply Chain continues to be a key issue in all industries. Lack of product on the shelf causes a drop in valuation and revenues across the whole chain. A Real Options Perspective on Supply Chain Management in High Technology by Corey Billington, Blake Johnson and Alex Triantis was originally publish in Journal of Applied Corporate Finance. It clearly needed to get out to the Supply Chain Community!
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Retail Information Technology
Retail is Hot. This series on Retail Systems covering both applications as wellas infrastructures is provided by ChainStoreAge Magazine.
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AAFA Survey
This survey covers an extremely sticky issue in Retail and Apparel—chargebacks! The Chargebacks and Deduction Survey is provided by the AAFA (Appareland Footwear Association).
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From the Greek: to change
Para: to see.

I am really excited about this issue! Americans love to shop. And it seems the Retail sector is of interest to economists from a Policy perspective right now. Retailers are making money. Consequently, retailers are investing in transformation and therefore call the shots on Supply Chain Management in a BIG WAY! So it is appropriate to dedicate an issue to Retail—strategies, processes and technology.

You industrial folks—don’t turn the page! There are some significant happenings going on that are critical in all industries that are driven by the retailers. After all, automotive parts are sold in retail stores, as well as computer and wireless devices, plastics and petroleum products, etc. So, no matter what industry you are in, from chemicals to semi conductors to apparel, you care what the global 10 (retailers) think and do—or you are going out of business. The big winners, of course, are process mastery and brand dominance. Read about brand strategies in the Performance column.

To get an inside point of view, we tracked down an old friend, Robert Bruce. Robert was Vice President of Supply Chain at Wal-Mart. He was the guy who was driving CFAR from his perch there. Robert has supplied us some wisdom for the next few months on process innovation—from somebody who’s been there! There are many ‘secrets’ from the temple on Wal-Mart’s relentless success as well as guidance on how to do Collaboration. Read his advice in our Process column.

We also tracked down Al Haberman of the UCC, that ubiquitous presence in the standards world. He had some pretty important things to say about the advent of RFID—it’s about Vision. Read my interview of Al plus great examples of retailers with Vision, in the Enablers column. We also have an excellent feature insert on Retail Systems.

Other features cover a look at Risk Management—real options. If you have not heard about these concepts, read on. Blake Edwards of Stanford University and Vivecon is featured. This is the next trend in SCM.

A few things are coming up I would like our readers to know about. Our up coming editorial calendar is quite exciting.

Next month will be our Manufacturing issue and we have some excellent articles lined up on Supply Chain strategies and technology.

In addition, we will be introducing two new columns we have been designing to launch:

  • The Interview – Each month we will feature interviews with some pretty fascinating people who will have a Point of View that will give you a new outlook on business.
  • 3Pe in Action – Supply Chain Case Studies from executives who can share their knowledge and project success which brought better sales and improved SCM to their organization.

As editor, I get to read it all, and try to digest the key messages in all this excellent content, from some fairly brilliant people. Simply stated, the collective wisdom of this month’s articles is to understand that you are in a race with time. So use that time wisely!

Ann Grackin

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