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Seamless Integration of the ‘Cold Chain’ into the Pharma Supply Chain

September 23 @ 4:24 am

True global supply chain management requires visibility to the movement, storage and value added processing of raw materials, work in process and finished goods. The complexity of the pharmaceutical supply chain – in effect a networked ‘chain of chains’ – requires an understanding of the inter-dependency of related processes and product components. Specific product and item level characteristics need to be taken into account when developing logistics and distribution strategies. It is critical to ensure that the correct temperature controlled environment is maintained as active compounds and temperature sensitive finished product is moved from production to warehousing and distribution networks. In addition, cost and market pressures demand that the ‘cold chain’ be integrated into the traditional pharmaceutical supply chain. This workshop will explore some of the challenges facing the pharmaceutical industry related to the storage and distribution of temperature controlled products, with their specific ‘cold chain’ requirements. Participants will be engaged in interactive discussion related to material handling, information technology and exception alerting requirements specific to transportation, receiving processes and product storage strategies in the pharmaceutical ‘cold chain’. Discussion material will include ‘real world’ examples of how the combination of emerging technologies and supply chain best practices have enabled pharmaceutical manufacturers and distributors to create a seamless flow of product from source to consumption.

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September 23, 2023
4:24 am
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