The Brief – June 3 2014


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Tuesday, June 03, 2014 – Published twice monthly.

In our research on direct materials Procure-to-Pay (P2P) processes, we saw tremendous variation between industries or types of companies in how they execute P2P. One major difference is the ‘relationship-intensity;’ how much negotiation and dialog is required at each stage of P2P. [ Read: Direct Materials P2P — Part 2: Relationship-Intensity ]

The Power of Retailer/Supplier Integration

Tuesday, June 03, 2014

NEECOM Spring Conference 2014. [ Read: The Power of Retailer/Supplier Integration ]

The Aptean Revival

Tuesday, June 03, 2014

When Aptean was formed two years ago, many wondered whether they would survive. Now, not only does their survival seem relatively secure, but they have a shot at meaningful growth. Their recent annual user conference illuminated some of their strategy going forward. [ Read: The Aptean Revival ]


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Gesture, Touch, and Sense

How Systems Will Work in the Future…Actually Now.

[ Read: Gesture, Touch, and Sense ]

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