The Brief – August 16 2011


ERP for SMB, Demand Management Series, SC Risk Management, Collaboration in Practice

Best practices, technology, and new takes on critical business topics from ChainLink Research

Tuesday, August 16, 2011 – Published twice monthly.

As small businesses grow and they address their processes and complexities, they need technology to be there for them. [ Read: ERP for the SMB: Part One ]

Demanding Times: Part One – A Best Practice Framework for Managing Demand

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Demand management is not just about creating a better forecast (though that is critical). It is discovering new markets, creating a supply chain architected around your customers’ needs, growing demand, and ultimately fulfilling demand and closing the loop with your customers. [ Read: Demanding Times: Part One ]


technology | supply chain, enterprise, RFID & sensors, and more

Collaboration in Practice: Part Three – What About the Customer?

Ultimately collaboration exists to serve the customer. Here we discuss new ways to bring the customer’s voice into collaborative processes.

[ Read: Collaboration in Practice: Part Three – What About the Customer? ]

supply chain news | markets, supply, demand, risk, industry news

Risk Management: Lessons Learned from Manufacturers

Cisco and ImpactFactor, leaders in SCRM, provide insights into risk management.

[ Read: Risk Management – Lessons Learned from Manufacturers ]

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