The Brief – April 5 2011


Black Swans and SC Risk, Multi-tier Procurement, Collaboration Technologies, SAP SCM update, and more

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Tuesday, April 5, 2011 – Published twice monthly.

Unpredictability of events misses the point in Risk Management. [ Read: Black Swan? Hardly! Revolutions and Tsunamis Come and Go! ]

2011 Supply Chain Orchestration: Part Three – Multi-Tier Procurement

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Learn how Ford coaxes many of the benefits of vertical integration out of their multi-tier supply chain by buying steel on behalf of their entire supply chain. [ Read: 2011 Supply Chain Orchestration: Pt3 – Multi-Tier Procurement ]


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Collaboration Technologies Report: Part One

Collaboration messaging is so overused, I am afraid it will ruin a really important market.

[ Read: Collaboration Technologies Pt1 ]

SAP Making Strides in Procurement and Supply Chain: Part One

Highlights from the SAP Insider conference on interesting and innovative new developments in their procurement and supply chain capabilities.

[ Read: SAP Making Strides in Procurement and Supply Chain: Pt1 ]

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Six Steps to Get Your S&OP in High Gear

Sales and Operations Planning has been talked about for over two decades, yet enterprises are having their challenges. Learn from those who are mastering S&OP.

[ Read: Six Steps to Get Your S&OP in High Gear ]

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