The Brief – July 2023


Direct Materials P2P Survey Results, Assessing Market-Driven Environmental Policies, Applying Quality Management to Produce Cold Chain Processes

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Wednesday, July 19, 2023 – Published once each month.

Here are results from our survey and interviews with over 120 manufacturers about their level of direct materials P2P automation, why they automate, the KPIs they use to measure success for their direct P2P, and more. [ Direct Materials P2P — Part Four ]

Environmental Markets — Part Three

How are market-driven environmental policies relevant to industry?

Wednesday, July 19, 2023

Environmental markets promise a more efficient allocation of social costs and benefits compared to traditional regulatory policies. However, determining the best policy to deliver on improving the public good requires consideration of numerous, nuanced dimensions of the various policy approaches. In this article, we compare the benefits and costs of compliance, flexibility for companies, and risks of market-driven vs. regulatory vs. laissez-faire environmental policies, as well as examining the current environmental market policy landscape. [ Read: Environmental Markets — Part Three ]

Achieving Consistent Produce Quality — Part One

Applying Quality Management Methodologies to the Cold Chain

Wednesday, July 19, 2023

For decades, successful manufacturers have continually improved the quality of the goods they make. Using statistical process control and related process disciplines, they continually reduce process variation, thereby minimizing waste and reliably create consistent products conforming to precise specifications. In contrast, the produce industry does not have a tradition of strong process controls. This has created a major opportunity to substantially improve the consistency of produce quality and shelf life by adopting modern process disciplines and quality management techniques. [ Read: Achieving Consistent Produce Quality — Part One ]

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