Your Supply Chain Is Calling You


How Can We Manage Supply Chains in an
Age of Digital Everything and Millennial Complexity?

Source: Image by Pete Linforth from Pixabay

Your product is smart and connected: Remote monitoring senses a faulty part. Your supply chain responds — a new part is automatically found in a warehouse. It is drop shipped to the customer site. In parallel, the service technician is alerted, scheduled and routed to the customer.

For some, this is not such a new scenario. But just extend this idea a wee bit. Your channel partner puts in smart displays and RFID. They expect you to monitor and automatically replenish the right inventory as customers pull product from the shelf.

Your supply chain is calling you.

Millions of consumers sign up for the app, scan their bottle and then expect a new carton to be delivered to their current location. Or: their washing machine runs out of soap and you have to dash over to replenish it.

When this supply chain calls, can you respond?

We are in a world of increasing connectivity and complexity. Billions of products and customers are connecting and will drive trillions of transactions, redefining the supply chain. Point of sale at stores is being replaced by points of sale at millions of locations — wherever the customer happens to be at that time.

Are you ready for the digital supply chain?

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This Part Two of our series is to bring clarity to digital supply chains for manufacturers.Part One of this series: Digital Displacement?

focused on the impact of digital everything on Manufacturers and their products.

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