Tagsys Delights Qantas Frequent Flyers


Finally, an airline got smart with Customer Experience by using RFID for easy check-in and bag tracking, boarding passes and more . . .


Frequent Flyer programs beware! Customer Experience managers take note. Want to delight your customers? Start with the basics — easy check-in, paperless tickets, easy security check-ins. Do what Tagsys is doing for Qantas!

Source: Image by djedj from Pixabay

But just as the Hippocratic Oath says, ‘first do no harm.’ With airlines, first Do Not Lose the Luggage! I have a pile of nifty-looking useless baggage tags. They make me feeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelllll so special each year when the airlines send me a fancy envelope laden with exotic ports and trips (which somehow we can never redeem) and, of course, the tags — useless!

For several years airports and airlines have played around with RFID. Temporary UHF tags that stay with the bag for one itinerary. Expensive and maybe not so successful pilots were tried.I always wondered, with the ability to package RFID in ruggedized packaging, and read/write capabilities, why I couldn’t have my own tag. And why I couldn’t have a frequent flyer card that did something — like rapid check-in/wireless boarding pass?

But finally Qantas got it right. Tagsys now provides a permanent bag tag attached to the passenger’s bag. This will enable them to avoid the lines with a rapid bag drop at self check-in stations. Finally!

Qantas RFID reusable baggage tags can store details of up to four flights and can be reprogrammed for future flights, so for us multi-stage business travelers, the whole trip can be stored on the tag.

This is a UHF EPC Gen 2 compliant ‘Q Bag Tag’ which TAGSYS “. . . was able to design a medallion-style RFID passive inlay with a small footprint and very high electronic reading and writing performance for all orientations of the bag tag. Based on the Impinj Monza 4 chip, the tag is encased in a distinctive custom-built plastic housing designed by Marc Newson and produced by creative product agency Buzz Products.”

Oh, and the card. Elegant packaging with an embedded RFID tag.

Now when you receive those elegant mailers from Qantas they will look like this.

That is the kind of mailing I would like to receive in this year’s Platinum package! Really very clever, indeed!

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