Summer Reading List


Summer vacations are a great time to get renewed physically, mentally and spiritually, and watch some baseball.


With summer on its way, here are some thought-provoking readings for inspiration and insight and entertainment.

Thinking about your business direction and career in the future should not be just about dry professional methods. What is happening to planet earth, our global village? What, and who, are the game changers? Also, maybe make midyear resolutions to get involved in some mind-expanding organizations?

Here are the editor’s picks. But don’t forget this summer to take care of the whole person – and watch out for the UVs!

The Next Hundred Million

by Joel Kotkin.

Here is a look at the US as we grow by another hundred million people at around 2050. The author, Joel Kotkin, is a geographer and urban planner, but with a real twist (Joel’s bio), and has a very different perspective on America’s future, challenges and unique opportunities. Here is Joel’s blog:

From the future, to the past…

1421 and 1434

– Think you know your world history… and global trade? These books by Gavin Menzies (the British Royal Navy Submarine Commander who has seen the world and is a world history scholar) have uncovered a radically different view of the unfolding of the Renaissance, catalyzed by the Chinese, and the eventual European expansions around the globe. A rich interactive web site that accompanies your reading of these books. Great for your eBook or iPad.

For summer sports fans, there is

The Baseball Codes

, which my friend Pat Burns of the Dash 7 Alliancejust sent me. For the last three people on the planet who think that baseball is a clean game, this book will disabuse them of that notion and show the insider look at the game. This is not a muckraker book, but an entertaining look on the unwritten rule book of baseball tradition, pranks and cheats, including some of our most hallowed heroes.

And, for business professionals, there is

Vested Outsourcing

by Kate Vitasek. We discussed this important work a few weeks ago in the brief. But if you have not read this, it presents a fresh and profound perspective on how we can work with our trading partners, reflecting win/win value.

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