Retailers and Their Brands Thrive on Technology


From Prada to American Eagle: from the edge of fashion to the middle, the brand, the fashion and the efficiencies come from technology investments.


On the edge, Prada, ever the transformer of retail and fashion, continues to push the envelope on innovation. Many will remember their push into RFID at their New York Store. But you don’t have to be Prada to be tech savvy.

Also long known for technology innovation, Frito Lay has done stellar merchandise and assortment planning with JDA software.

Other recent stellar cases are Delmonte with One Network and American Eagle with GT- Nexus.

What is most interesting about all these cases is commitment over time to make it happen.

Firms can get incredible value by getting serious about technology, and pursuing their transformations in a stable and consistent way.The top applications for retailers and their brands continue to be direct store delivery, demand replenishment and features.

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