IMF Reports of China Trade Surplus and Other Global Trade Issues


Economic recoveries continue, but the imbalance in trade, wealth, and the impact of our economy needs to be addressed.


Recently the IMF released a report on world growth rates with an impressive 4.5% growth forecast for the world. With emerging markets (see Emerging Markets in the brief) performing very well, but established markets lagging, the world economy looks better than expected, considering the recent crisis.

The global challenge will be how to assure that the rising tide floats all boats. Huge economic disparity causes significant unrest and instability. Certainly, China has its share exacerbated by such a questionable policy euphemistically called sealed management which is merely ghettos with a policy of checking identity papers;or read Maoist uprising in India (by Mark Tully of BBC News).

You can see the report at the IMF web site here:

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