Fraudulent Returns


NRF survey reveals RFID opportunities.


Recently NRF published their Fraudulent Returns Survey.Often we have talked about piracy, counterfeiting and other illicit activities. But here is a double dipper that hurts the whole economy: $3.6 or so billions are over $6B, if I have my facts straight — once, purchased by the store, and again, paid to thieves in refunds. This hurts the entire supplier chain. And I think of all those jobs that might have been created.

With these types of losses, plus the pure cost of inventory inefficiencies and all the other data out there, one wonders why RFID is not a top priority now for retailers?

With the recent retail announcement by a few, to try tackling the RFID project again, it surely is a top priority for some.

I have not run the numbers, but it sure looks like an ROI in there for all. Let’s go innovate here!

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