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Best Practice REPORT / Technology REPORT/ WEBINAR Recordings

Demanding Times: Next Generation Demand Management Practices

Achieving excellence in demand management-discovering, creating, growing, and fulfilling demand-is the core of market leadership. In the 90’s, many saw APS systems and later CPFR as the ‘holy grail’ to solve forecasting and demand management problems. While these did result in some improvements, here we are a decade later, and many companies have thrown up their hands, accepting poor forecast accuracies, to focus almost exclusively on execution improvements and lead-time reduction as the only way to improve demand management. However, our research has uncovered a number of practices that have been highly effective in improvements across the spectrum of demand management, from understanding markets, to building a responsiveness supply chain, to forecasting, understanding, and fulfilling demand.

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Demand Management Technology Evaluation

The complexity of business today–working a myriad of partnerships with both the channel side and the transportation partners, as well as dealing with the challenges of fickle and surprising markets–requires not only more visibility into ongoing operations, but more Intelligence to operate successfully. Leading companies continue to pursue and achieve significant improvements in business performance, through the adoption of innovative Demand Management technologies.

This report covers:

  • Understanding Demand Management Needs Today
  • Innovations in Planning
  • Major Demand Planning Capabilities
  • Where Is the Technology Going Next?

ChainLink Research conducted the research for this report through interviews with many firms that have successfully gained value from Demand Management practices. These are new stories about fresh approaches. These interviews and cases provide an important validation of the technology firms’ claims of the value of their capabilities. This report was created with the user/buyer in mind. It was not sponsored or financially underwritten by any of the technology firms mentioned in this report. In some cases, these firms may not agree with our assessment.This report is not a market report, i.e., focused at the financials of market size and share. It is written for the user’s benefit.

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Demand Management Technology Today

What you will learn in this webinar:

  • Understanding Demand Management Needs Today: Revitalizing the Demand Management philosophy and its strategic value to the enterprise. What’s changed in the business that requires a new look at technology.
  • Innovations in Planning: What are the new innovations in planning processes and technology that are getting results.
  • Solution Evaluations: What and who are the technologies for today.
  • Where Is the Technology Going Next: Emerging technologies and approaches you should be asking for (and are already being used by the leading enterprises).


Ann Grackin, CEO, ChainLink Research

Next Generation Demand Management

Abysmal forecasting accuracy, profit-draining markdowns, and customer-losing stockouts are the norm at too many companies. Yet Dell, Wal-Mart and other leaders sustain healthy growth by meeting demand-having the right product at the right time and place. Learn from the former VP of Supply Chain for Wal-Mart the secrets to successful CPFR and what’s coming next. Hear from the former VP of Supply Chain for Dell the inside story of how he took them from 40 to 8 days of supply while growing the company from $5B to $20B. Learn the inside story from ChainLink’s in-depth research study of Next Generation Demand Management Practices-how industry leaders consistently generate, predict and fulfill demand much better than their competitors. No vendor pitch in this webinar-nothing but the distilled experience and lessons of market leaders.


Ann Grackin, CEO, ChainLink Research

Bill McBeath, Chief Research Officer, ChainLink Research

Robert Bruce, VP Retail, ChainLink Research (Former VP Supply Chain, Wal-Mart)

Stuart Smith, VP High Tech, ChainLink Research (Former VP Supply Chain, Dell)

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