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RFID and IoT at NRF 2016

This year’s NRF Big Show illustrated how far we’ve come with RFID in Retail and some exciting developments in IoT.


First there were RFID hardware players. Then there were RFID middleware and track and trace platforms. Then there were IoT Platforms. The landscape is getting confused.

IoT: From Hype to Adoption – Part Two

We continue our look at how small and medium manufacturers and wholesale distributors are implementing IoT. Here, we examine how they are incorporating IoT into products and using it to create value-added services. We conclude with a discussion on the enablers including analytics, unified billing and revenue recognition, ERP system requirements, brownfield integration, and IoT security.

IoT: From Hype to Adoption – Part One

Small and medium manufacturers and wholesale distributors are trying to determine where IoT fits into their busi­ness strategies, within the constraints of limited budgets, inhouse expertise, bandwidth, and technical resources. This requires prioritizing many potential IoT initiatives. In part one of this two-part series, we look at three areas that manufacturers and distributors are implementing IoT: 1) on the plant floor, 2) in supply chain and logistics, and 3) in service and repair.

IoT Gets Real in 2016

2015 may have been the peak of hype for the Internet of Things, but hype drives investment. We expect that 2016 will see even bigger and broader investments in IoT, as well as a land grab amongst IoT solution providers.

The IoT Security Imperative – Part 1: Physical-Cyber Risk Landscape

With the current state of IoT security, we might call it the Internet-of-Vulnerable-Things. It’s all the more alarming because of the types of physical machines/systems that are increasingly network-connected–traffic lights, airplanes, nuclear power plants, and other critical or potentially lethal systems. In part one, we discuss the nature of the challenge.

State of the Passive UHF RFID Market

In recent years, passive UHF RFID has experienced high volumes and strong growth for the first time. Here we present a summary of our UHF market report, as well as discussion on possible impacts for HF and NFC markets.

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