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Last Mile Delivery Excellence – Part One: Perfecting the Customer’s Experience

Customers’ expectations for delivery excellence continue to climb for faster, error-free delivery, more granular visibility, more convenience, and increased flexibility. Here we discuss specific strategies and capabilities that leading companies are using to try and perfect the customer’s delivery experience, such as via hyperlocal delivery, dynamic dispatch and routing, adaptable workflows, dwell time reduction, real-time visibility, expanding the range of delivery windows, locations, and options, sustainable delivery, last minute rescheduling, and more

Geospatial Intelligence: Part Three – Distribution Network Planning, Logistics and Route Optimization, and Supply Chain Risk Management

Geospatial intelligence is vital to successful distribution network planning, logistics/route optimization, and supply chain risk management. Optimizing a distribution network requires location-related data such as consumption patterns by location and drive times from DC locations. Route optimization requires accurate maps, vehicle locations, and traffic patterns. Supply Chain risk involves knowing the actual location of production and sources of supply and tracking relevant events around the world.

Advanced Pool Distribution: Part One – How Pool Distribution Works

Pool distribution is a key part of the equation for retailers trying to achieve excellence in store replenishment and omnichannel fulfillment, at the lowest costs. In part one of this series, we examine how pool distribution works and summarize the key difference between advanced vs. basic pool distribution.

Home Delivery Heats Up

Amazon’s entry into the home delivery arena will, no doubt, have many businesses examining their own delivery options. A closer look reveals that home delivery is not a new phenomenon, yet doing it profitably is not a given. We spoke with some of the home delivery pros…

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